February 2, 2022


Bathe the Cat by Alice B. McGinty and David Roberts is a hilarious visual treat!

An energetic family of five people must clean the house before Grandma comes to visit. The decide to list out all the chores on the fridge in magnetic letters: mop the floor, vacuum the rug, mow the lawn and more. Last on the list? Bathe the cat, and there's no way the family cat is going to let that happen! At every turn the cat takes opportunities to mess with the letters and create new, wacky tasks for the family to accomplish together. But will the cat get away unbathed?

In addition to the rhyming text (which has its own rhythm, of course), the illustrations also follow a rhythmic cadence, with the cat making new chores on the fridge roughly every fourth spread. These cat spreads are bookended with hilarious moments of the family sweeping dishes, scrubbing fishes, and bathing the rug, and the best part is that readers get to sit back and observe the hilarious chaos from afar. The illustrations are watercolor and pencil, and though the majority of the spreads fall on white backgrounds, every image is jam-packed with bright colors and good clean fun.

Bathe the Cat publishes next week from Chronicle Books!

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