February 10, 2022


Can You Hear Me? by Ekaterina Trukhan encourages readers to connect with the nature around them using the five senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound.

A little child steps out to listen to nature, leading readers on a journey of the senses that takes in the smallest details to the largest ones. The child hears loud birds and the quiet rustling of leaves, then looks up to see the clouds and down to see a snail. After working their way through all of the senses, the kid pays nature back by recycling and watering plants, all the while ruminating on the healing powers of nature to cure sadness and restore happiness.

The illustrations generally consist of primary colors (a watered down pink, turquoise, and canary yellow), with dark gray accents. Trukhan is careful to create many instances of colors overlapping, though, so the entire book often feels like a giant jigsaw puzzle of color combinations. With everything against a white background and the soft lithographic feel of the images, no moment ever feels overly chaotic, gently reflecting the meditative and calming tone of the story.

Can You Hear Me? published from Milky Way Picture Books last November!

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