September 16, 2013

Illustrator Spotlight: Peter Brown

I can't imagine there's anyone out there who doesn't know about Peter Brown. He has quite the menagerie of amazing books out, and his most recent one Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is so fabulous that I'd definitely peg it as a future Caldecott winner. He has a unique geometric style to his illustrations that's incredibly engaging, and his compositions and use of color make his illustrations pop right off the page. Check out some spreads!

(This is the first book I bought by him back in 2009. It's brilliantly colorful and fascinating. You can see how much his style has evolved from this to Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, which just came out this year)

(A great Halloween book with a great twist ending. It won a Caldecott Honor in 2013)

(There's also a sequel called You Will Be My Friend)

He's also illustrated (and written some of) the following: The Purple Kangaroo, ChowderThe Fabulous Bouncing Chowder, and Flight of the Dodo. Definitely a wonderful and charismatic illustrator!

Peter Browingingly yours,

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