February 29, 2020

Crushes of the Week: February 23-29, 2020

This week's crushes:
  1. Where Did You Go Today? by Jenny Duke (Child's Play International, September 2019)
  2. Flash and Gleam: Light in Our World by Sue Fliess and Khoa Le (Millbrook Press, March 2020)
  3. Tiny T. Rex and the Very Dark Dark by Jonathan Stutzman and Jay Fleck (Chronicle Books, March 2020)
  4. Boundless Sky by Amanda Addison and Manuela Adreani (Lantana Publishing, March 2020)
  5. My Mama by Annemarie Van Haeringen (Gecko Press, March 2020)
  6. Grow Kind by Jon Lasser and Sage Foster-Lasser (Magination Press, March 2020)
  7. Pirate Queen: A Story of Zheng Yi Sao by Helaine Becker and Liz Wong (Groundwood Books, March 2020)

February 28, 2020

Endpapers for the end of your week!

Today I'm kicking off a fun new series to show you just how creative book designers can be when it comes to creating endpapers. Here are some endpapers for the end of your week!

February 27, 2020


Such a Good Boy by Marianna Coppo is the cutest story about inherited familial pressures I've ever seen.

February 25, 2020

Let's Talk Illustrators #133: Flora McDonnell

Flora McDonnell's Out of a Dark Winter's Night is the gripping tale of a young child trying to stop the darkness from coming. Every time the sun sets, the child loses their spirit of adventure, and preventing the sun from setting is the natural solution to impending darkness. The book––and the child's feelings––are at once relatable to readers, many of whom have spent their own fair share of time trying to stop the darkness from coming, too. I hope you enjoy my chat with Flora about this special book.

February 22, 2020

Crushes of the Week: February 16-22, 2020

This week's crushes:
  1. Bright in the Night by Lena Sjöberg (Thames & Hudson, January 2020)
  2. Little Mole Finds Hope by Glenys Nellist and Sally Garland (Beaming Books, February 2020)
  3. Who Loves Books? by Lizi Boyd (Chronicle Books, February 2020)
  4. The Orange Horse by Hsu-Kung Liu (Reycraft Books, October 2019)
  5. The Elephant's Umbrella by Laleh Jaffari (Tiny Owl Publishing Ltd, February 2020)
  6. Tickled Pink: How Friendship Washes the World with Color by Andrée Poulin and Lucile Danis Drouot (Pajama Press, February 2020)
  7. Astrid and the Sky Calf by Rosie Faragher (Child's Play International, September 2019)
  8. Cherry Blossom and Paper Planes by Jef Aerts and Sanne Loo (Floris Books, January 2020)

February 20, 2020


My Friend Earth, written by Patricia MacLachlan and illustrated by Francesca Sanna, is truly spectacular in every sense of the word.

February 18, 2020

Let's Talk Illustrators #132: Masha Manapov

Today I'm excited to share my interview with illustrator, designer, and artist extraordinaire Masha Manapov about her author debut Ariba. Ariba humorously celebrates community and the joy of storytelling, and it was an honor to catch up with Masha and talk about how she created this special book. Enjoy!

February 15, 2020

Crushes of the Week: February 9-15, 2020

This week's crushes:
  1. No More Naps!: A Story for When You're Wide-Awake and Definitely NOT Tired by Chris Grabenstein (Random House Books for Young Readers, February 2020)
  2. Alice Across America: The Story of the First Women's Cross-Country Road Trip by Sarah Glenn Marsh and Gilbert Ford (Henry Holt and Co., February 2020)
  3. One Mean Ant by Arthur Yorinks and Sergio Ruzzier (Candlewick, February 2020)
  4. Bird Hugs by Ged Adamson (Two Lions, February 2020)
  5. Garden Jungle by Hélène Druvert (Thames & Hudson, February 2020)
  6. August the Tiger by Marieke Van Ditshuizen (Crocodile Books, October 2019)
  7. Fearless Felines: 30 True Tales of Courageous Cats by Kimberlie Hamilton (Scholastic Nonfiction, November 2019)

February 13, 2020

Let's Talk Illustrators #131: Pete Oswald

I caught up with Pete Oswald to talk to him about Hike, his first solo picture book. This nearly-wordless wonder prompts readers to take in nature's beauty, and it truly encourages them to reflect on the idea that the longest, hardest journeys are often the most valuable ones. I hope you enjoy our chat!

February 11, 2020

Let's Talk Illustrators #130: Miren Asiain Lora

I was so excited to connect with Miren Asiain Lora, illustrator of Daniel Nesquens' A Good Day. Miren's sense of space throughout the book is impressive to say the least, but it's her gentle gouache illustrations that truly captured my heart. Take a look at our conversation below.

February 8, 2020

Crushes of the Week: February 2-8, 2020

This week's crushes:
  1. Sulwe by Lupita Nyong'o and Vashti Harrison (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, October 2019)
  2. Child of St Kilda by Beth Waters (Child's Play International, September 2019)
  3. On Wings of Words: The Extraordinary Life of Emily Dickinson by Jennifer Berne and Becca Stadtlander (Chronicle Books, February 2020)
  4. Gus and the Greatest Catch of All by Victoria Cossack (Page Street Kids, October 2019)
  5. Ho'onani: Hula Warrior by Heather Gale and Mika Song (Tundra Books, October 2019)
  6. Where Are You Now? by Tyler Clark Burke (Owlkids, October 2019)
  7. Earth Hour: A Lights-Out Event for Our Planet by Nanette Heffernan and Bao Luu (Charlesbridge, January 2020)

February 6, 2020


Our Rainbow is a board book celebration of pride.

February 4, 2020


Dandelion's Dream by Yoko Tanaka wordlessly tells the story of one little dandelion-turned-lion's journey to self-actualization.

February 1, 2020

Crushes of the Week: January 26-February 1, 2020

This week's crushes:
  1. All Colors by Amalia Hoffman (Schiffer Publishing, October 2019)
  2. Sean Awesome: The Dog Next Door: The Dog Next Door by Jiwon Hwang and Sung Hong (Simply Read Books, November 2019)
  3. The Thank You Letter by Jane Cabrera (Holiday House, October 2019)
  4. The Ball Book: Footballs, Meatballs, Eyeballs & More Balls! by Joshua David Stein and Marcus Oakley (Phaidon Press, September 2019)
  5. The Finger and the Nose by Paula Merlan and Gomez (Nubeocho, October 2019)
  6. A Walk Through Nature by Libby Walden and Clover Robin (360 Degrees, September 2019)
  7. Gus and the Greatest Catch of All by Victoria Cossack (Page Street Kids, October 2019)