June 27, 2016

All the Wonders Big Book Block Party!

What a long few months it's been, right? Well today I am (finally) celebrating summer with the All the Wonders Big Book Block Party!

Summer is all about traditions and special occasions, and spending time with family and friends. Of course, for our All the Wonders team, summer is also all about reading. So, we thought: why not combine time with friends and books into one big celebration of summer? And thus, the All the Wonders Big Book Block Party was born!

Each member of our team will be bringing something different to the table. The buffet table, that is. We hope you’ll pull up a chair and dig in right along with us as we explore the many flavors of the stories we’ve brought to share. We hope you find some new favorites … and share your own in the comments!

In a small change of pace, I'm actually talking about my favorite graphic novels because, hey, they're just long-form picture books, right? Get to know me, my favorite graphic novels, and how I ended up at All the Wonders, and if you're still craving more picture books (because who isn't), stop here for a bonus list of my favorite picture books from 2015!

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