January 2, 2017

#kidlitpicks December Round-Up: 15 Picture Books about Celebrating

December was a season of being merry and jolly. Did you reflect on the year that was and celebrate your triumphs? Was the Christmas tree up at your place? Or were you preparing for Hanukkah? Omisoka? Kwanzaa? St Lucia Day? How do you expose your children to diverse celebrations?

During December the @kidlitpicks book club featured books about celebrating. Thanks to Shannon from Oh Creative Day for the beautiful theme!

Little One, by Panela C Reid and Tom Tolman 
The charming narrative and dialogue speaks gently to children and reminds that Jesus loves us, no matter our stature, that we all have meaning, purpose, and we’re all important in His eyes.” -- Summer from @readingisourthing

When an Elephant Falls in Love, by ​​Davide Cali and Alice Lotti

There's a lot of celebrating going on this month in terms of holidays, but I want to discuss something else worth celebrating: love." -- Mel from @spiky_penelope

Kitchen Disco, by Clare Foges and Al Murphy

I have decided that this is the perfect choice for...celebration as I'm sure many of us are having our own kitchen discos over the festive period, and the fun and energy of this book captures perfectly how it feels to celebrate at this time of year.” -- Claire from @alittlebookhabit

Nighty Night, Baby Jesus, by Molly Idle

"This is the celebration of one miraculous child who will live in my heart forever. A story that is near and dear to me. This celebration, to me, is the true reason for the holiday season." -- Leah from @astoryaday

Walk This World at Christmas Time, by Debbie Powell

“It is a celebration not only of the Christmas time celebration, but of the fact that we are not alone in this world, that different is beautiful, and that we are all connected in some way.” -- Clarissa from @book.nerd.mommy

A Letter for Bear, by David Lucas

Remember to celebrate the little things this season, look for those who are tired and working hard to make this season a joyful one, and enjoy all your festive celebrations whatever they may be!” --  Kim from @bookbairn

I'm In Charge of Celebrations, by Byrd Baylor
“This book is a reminder to relish the natural world around us and recount the days that are special to us, even if they look like an ordinary day to others.” -- Miranda from @bookbloom

Flora and the Penguin, by Molly Idle

"There is no better way to celebrate the New Year than by losing ones self in the ritual and rhythm of musical movement.” -- Megan from @chickadee.lit

Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!, by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin 

Duck is stuck in the chimney! Can the other animals get him out?” -- Arielle from @childrensbooksgalore

Tell Me What to Dream About, by Giselle Potter 

"Beautiful full colour illustrations in Giselle Potter's unique style will make you wish your dreams were half as whimsical and magic.” -- Fiona from @fee_loves_

Chanukah Lights, by Michael J Rosen and Robert Sabuda

"There is no better way to begin the holiday then with latkes, dreidels, chocolate gelt, and this exquisite pop-up book." -- Lauren from @happily.ever.elephants

K Is For Kwanzaa: A Kwanzaa Alphabet Book, by Juwanda G Ford and Ken Wilson-Max 
Little readers will enjoy celebrating and learning while reading this book. It beautifully captures themes like: family, culture, community and traditions.” -- Charnaie from @hereweeread

The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree, by Gloria Houston and Barbara Cooney 
"It is a combination of both fabulous talent of Barbara Cooney and Gloria Houston's skillfully fluid story telling that makes this tale the perfect Christmas story year after year." -- Wendy from @homegrownreader

L'âne Trotro et Zaza fêtent Noël, by Bénédicte Guettier
“This book is currently the most requested Christmas book here.” -- Shannon from @ohcreativeday

Hap-pea All Year, by Keith Baker
“Celebrating an entire year in one book! A fun way to look forward to a new year and the fun that each month brings or look back and remember the past year.” -- Michelle from @the.book.report

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