April 9, 2017


Miguel Tanco's You and Me, Me and You provides an interesting take on exploring father-son relationships, showing readers the wonder of being a father, but from a child's point of view. You and Me, Me and You simultaneously walks the line between nostalgia in sentiment and innocence: the young boy spends the book "teaching" his father how to do things like talk to people on the subway and slow down in life, but it also shows how the father silently helps his son grow as a person, too.

Since we only view this relationship through the child's eyes, it makes sense stylistically that Tanco creates his illustrations mono-chromatically: this child has a very narrow view of the world, so his palette is limited. But on the flip side, this narrow view allows readers to experience unconditional love. It doesn't matter why the mother / partner isn't there, all that matters to this child -- the memories he will keep -- are the positive and loving ones we see in these pages. How sweet is that??

You and Me, Me and You publishes from Chronicle Books on Tuesday, April 11!

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