November 16, 2017


Once again Elisabeth Helland Larsen and Marine Schneider strike gold with their newest book I Am Life.

Like its companion title Life and I: A Story about Death, Larsen and Schneider continue to explore the inseparability of life and death. One cannot exist without the other, and this book furthers that notion as the character of Life visits flowers, animals, and humans with her gifts of energy and positivity. We see that Life is present within all things on Earth, from the bees that pollinate flowers to the turtles that live under the sea. 

Like its predecessor, this book asks readers to examine the meaning of life. No matter how long or how short, life exists all around us, and it's up to readers to celebrate it in its many forms. The acrylic illustrations are gentle and juxtapose various forms of life together, enabling children to physically see how life ebbs and flows, connecting everything in its path. Each page begs readers to find what it is in life that they cherish most and to understand WHY they value it so much: we know that nothing lasts forever, so the love we feel is strengthened by the notion that life is fleeting and we must enjoy our surroundings while we can.

I Am Life published from Little Gestalten in October.

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