December 3, 2017


Written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom, each book in the What Do You Do With…? series has examined human behavior through a child who encounters an idea (book one) and a problem (book two). For the final installment in the trilogy, we meet the child again in What Do You Do With Chance?

The same child we've met in the first two books is walking in town one day when he's visited by his first chance and, afraid he lacks the courage to do anything with it, lets it fly away. He laments this missed opportunity, so when another chances comes around, he decides to go for it. But this time he misses and falls, feeling embarrassed and foolish. It takes the boy a few tries, but he finally realizes that he doesn't need to be brave all the time to take chance…s in life, he just has to be brave at the right time.

Like the other two books in the series, Besom's illustrations use color to highlight the evolution of the story: the chance starts off small and yellow, while everything else in the spread is in black and white. But gradually color spreads across the pages as the boy develops and begins to own the opportunities that present themselves. What makes this book special and different than the others, though, is the time it takes over the course of the book for those colors to really bleed into the illustrations. This final book feels much more difficult for the young boy, which makes sense since this is the final step in his journey: first come the ideas, then the problems, and finally the chances you take on your ideas, and often it's that last step that is the most challenging. Taking a chance and having faith in yourself is incredibly difficult sometimes, but eventually the color spreads as the boy sets out into the world to start something incredible.

What Do You Do With Chance? publishes in February from Compendium.

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