December 17, 2018


Graphically stunning, Recordmania: Atlas of the Incredible by Emmanuelle Figueras, Alexandre Verhille, and Sarah Tavernier is an atlas of the world's incredible records.

Recordmania is split into six categories: smallest/biggest, lightest/heaviest, slowest/fastest, shortest/longest, quietest/loudest, and coldest/hottest. At the start of each category we get a map of where the preceding facts happened, some conversion units, graphics representing what we'll learn, and some expository text defining each category. Then the information influx starts. We learn about record-breaking facts relating to sports, architecture, animals, humans, technology, dinosaurs, space, and nature (they're color coded!). We not only get answers to questions like, "What mammal can hold its breath the longest?" (it's the Cuvier's Beaked Whale!), we also read about how deep Cuvier's Beaked Whales can dive and how big they are. Paired with graphic illustrations reminiscent of screen prints, each block of information looks almost like a travel poster for each new world record, making readers want to explore every page for hours on end.

Recordmania: Atlas of the Incredible published from Little Gestalten earlier this year.

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