February 10, 2019


Stay, Benson! by Thereza Rowe is an energetic, colorful, and deceptively simple book about a dog who is MOSTLY a good boy.

Every morning before Flick leaves for school, she finds the family dog and tells him to be good, stay in the house, and don't chase anything. But when Benson sees a cat run by one day, the rules go flying out the window! Will Benson get home by the time Flick comes back from school? And how many picnickers will he run over to get there?

The imagery is bold and bright, featuring die cut illustrations that utilize both sides of the paper creatively and imaginatively. Rowe's colors are heavily saturated, and when they overlap they create colorful mixtures outside of the general primary color palette (excluding green, which is used throughout). With so few patterns and such rich hues, the negative space is free to capture things like Benson's shape and crown molding while still retaining its ability to further define colored shapes like the birds and the leaves.

Stay, Benson! publishes February 19, 2019 from Thames & Hudson!

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