August 27, 2019


Boom! Boom! Boom! by Przemystaw Wechterowicz and Marianna Oklejak is a colorful and rocking good time.

Two gorillas and their chum (a cheerful, balding man) dance through the jungle and into the city, pounding their chests and banging a drum. At the sound of the BOOM BOOM BOOM of the drum, people and animals join the trio, who encourages everyone to enjoy the day and let the sound of the rhythm pull them in.

The rhythm and cadence of the text flows right into the illustrations. Created from what looks to be a digitized mix of collaged papers, fabrics, crayons, inks, gouaches and more, Oklejak keeps things feeling larger than life with every page turn. Each spread features a scene that spans both the verso and recto pages so as to flood the reader with the urge to join in the song and dance. There's also a bonus seek-and-find at the end if you need an extra excuse to close the book and start it all over again. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! published in English from Scribblers earlier this year.

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