September 19, 2019


A Different Story by Adolfo Serra reminds readers that although we are all unique, we're all similar in a lot of ways, too.

Sometimes the world feels huge, and sometimes it feels small. Sometimes everything is calm, and other times it's chaotic. Our individual reactions to our surroundings are what make each being on Earth unique, but a chance encounter shows readers that despite everyone's differences, even a rhinoceros and a beetle have something in common.

The stunning illustrations look to be a collaged mixture of papers that have been drawn and printed on. This gives every spread –– and more importantly, every thing on every spread –– the chance to stand out. The collage technique is particularly effective when the beetle and rhino meet through a chance encounter. It would be easy for the rhino's size to overshadow the beetle entirely, but the beetle literally exists in its own space so it stands out as its own unique self.

A Different Story publishes in the US this coming Tuesday, September 24, 2019 from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.

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