March 19, 2020


Paper Planes by Jim Helmore and Richard Jones reveals how much love and imagination can go into keeping long-distance friendships alive.

Mia and Ben are best friends who love making paper planes more than anything else. They even aspire to build a plane together one day that can fly across their local lake. But it isn't meant to be because Ben's family is moving away, and it's going to be hard to stay best friends when they're so far apart. Luckily, both are committed to making their friendship stand the test of time, and they use their shared love of paper planes to stay in touch with each other, flying to each other in dreams and sending planes back and forth to build together.

The illustrations are created from acrylic paints, and Jones takes care to let the texture of the canvas peep through the paints. Each image feels like one small piece in a larger collection of art. While Jones uses many colors throughout the illustrations, blues and oranges make many appearances, serving to highlight the children's entwined lives. It's also worth noting that the texture of the dust jacket actually feels like canvas, which just lends to the feeling of authenticity in the artwork. Downright delightful.

Paper Planes published from Peachtree Press March 1.

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