April 2, 2020


In the Garden by Emma Giuliani is an oversized gardening book for kids, complete with flaps and facts!

The book follows the seasonal life of a garden. Each spread features flaps of all shapes and sizes that provide information about everything from soil to bulbs to marigolds. Oftentimes the flaps will act as cross sections so when readers flip the paper up they see the inside of a peapod or the inside of a seed. Each season gets two spreads that answer questions like, what do we see in nature that shows us Summer is coming, and how do you care for your garden with each new season? The nature-toned illustrations are densely colorful and fit the large format well. My only complaint? I wish there were more seasons in the world so I could see more of these illustrations! 

In the Garden publishes next week on April 7 from Princeton Architectural Press!

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