October 15, 2020


Five on the Bed by Addie Boswell is a cozy counting book that's perfect for bedtime.

Five on the Bed counts from one to five as a family of three humans, one dog, and one cat pile on and off of the bed throughout the course of a day. We start with one cat on the bed, then one cat on the bed and one dog under the bed, then two on the bed as a person joins the cat. Boswell cleverly bounces around between the numbers to subvert expectations of what action will happen next, and she similarly takes advantage of the illustrations to create an added level of physical humor to the text.

The mixed media illustrations heavily feature collage. Since the entirety of the story takes place in the same room over the course of one day, Boswell is careful to provide a multitude of angles for readers to become as intimate with the space as the family in the book. Additionally, given how space is and the fact that the bed often takes up the entire spread it's easy for readers to feel like they are a part of this family, too, observing the lengthening shadows and darkening sky as the day progresses and the family interacts with each other.

Five on the Bed published earlier this week from West Margin Press!

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