January 21, 2021


Lucky Platt's debut picture book Imagine a Wolf is a visual delight.

Close your eyes and imagine a wolf. What do you see? Probably big eyes and big teeth and big ears. But this wolf doesn't use their big eyes and teeth and ears for anything nefarious, and they're a little tired of everyone acting so horrified every time they come around. All Wolf really wants in life is to knit sweaters for the local sheep (they're very chilly) and be treated like everyone else (as opposed to an evil being). Now that you know this, has the image you see in your mind changed?

The story starts on the black, front endpapers, immediately posing the opening question to readers before even the title page has gone by. Platt used oil paint, pen, ink, and colored pencils on Arches watercolor paper, and she demonstrates a mastery of depicting textures of all shapes and sizes: we see tufts of fur, threads coming off yarn, and, of course, wool sweaters. Platt also has a chance to mix in different artistic styles as Wolf's story unfolds in the present and they recount past interactions.

Imagine a Wolf published earlier this month from Page Street Kids!

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