May 21, 2022

Crushes of the Week: May 15-21, 2022

This week's crushes:
  1. The Youngest Sister by Suniyay Moreno and Mariana Chiesa and translated by Elisa Amado (Greystone Kids, May 2022)
  2. The Best Bed for Me by Gaia Cornwall (Candlewick Press, May 2022)
  3. Fox Tells a Lie by Susanna Isern and Leire Salaberria (NubeOcho, May 2022)
  4. A Garden of Creatures by Sheila Heti and Esmé Shapiro (Tundra Books, May 2022)
  5. My Day in the Park by Marta Orzel (Blue Dot Kids Press, May 2022)
  6. Better Than New / Mejor Que Nuevo: A Recycle Tale / Un Cuenta de Reciclaje by Robert Broder and Lake Buckley (Patagonia, May 2022)

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