February 1, 2018


Daniel Miyares, master of the color yellow, is back, this time illustrating Jody Jensen Shaffer's adorable tale of a rock finding its place in A Chip Off the Old Block. 

You know that feeling when you have a lot to live up to in your family? Like your parents and grandparents and cousins are all mountains of success? Rocky knows that feeling. He comes from a long line of rock stars like Uncle Gibraltar, Aunt Etna, and Great-Grandma Half Dome. But it's up to Rocky to find his own place in the world, so he sets out to investigate, encountering a variety of obstacles along the way.

The watercolor and acrylic illustrations are layered together superbly, highlighting the weathered but defined characteristics of each mountainous wonder. And as I mentioned, Miyares is a master of color (specifically yellow!), so he uses those yellows to add a golden glow to each new location Rocky takes us. It's a warm, welcoming story that reminds readers (through text and through illustration) that despite how lonely soul-searching can be, it also offers a golden ray of hope. Rocky's unique little shape is also worth mentioning. Doesn't it look like he's perpetually leaning forward? Always moving, always searching for his place in life? It's a nice detail.

A Chip Off the Old Block publishes February 20 from Nancy Paulsen Books!

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