May 13, 2013

Love Is in the Air...

I know, I know…I’m terrible. It’s been forever. But in my defense at least I didn’t completely forget…right? On the bright side, the blog has a new look so at least I’m keeping things fresh…
So what to write about for my first post in waaay too many months? Well in the spirit of February 14th (and because I’m in a super good mood these days) how about picturebooks about love? Or about zombies and love? They seem to intersect more that usual these days…

ZOMBIES IN LOVE by Kelly DiPucchio and Scott Campbell and BORIS AND BELLA by Carolyn Crimi and Gris both stories about holding out for true love. Both Mortimer and Boris and Bella end up finding love in the unlikeliest of places (and in the case of Boris and Bella, the unlikeliest of people) and both books feature comical illustrations that highlight the hilarity of the situations the characters find themselves in. TEN LITTLE ZOMBIES: A LOVE STORY by Andy Rash is also a story of what someone will do for love, though the stake are slightly higher. Two people learn the true meaning of love as they run for their lives in Rash’s picturebook and his minimalistic illustrations are hilarious and engaging, practically daring the reader to turn the page to see what disaster will befall the next zombie.
If zombies and monsters are not your thing, check out Rob Scotton’s LOVE, SPLAT (SPLAT THE CAT). It’s a fun read with illustrations that are extremely accessible to younger children and characters with whom children can easily identify.
Lastly, if you’re looking for picturebooks that say “I love you no matter what,” take a look at EVEN IF I DID SOMETHING AWFUL? by Barbara Shook Hazen and Nancy Kincade and LOVE YOU FOREVER by Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw. Beware that the stories are extremely didactic, and the artwork falls often flat because of the message-heavy text. However, the books do make good gifts if that’s your sort of thing and do send an important message: even if you burn down my house I’ll still love you because you’re my biological child.
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!
Lovey-dovingly yours,

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