September 14, 2016


Remember Jean-Luc Fromental and Joƫlle Jolivet, the duo that brought us 365 Penguins and Oops! ? Well they're back! And they're tackling the skeletal system in their new book Bonesville. When a beast begins to terrorize the residents of Bonesville, it's up to Detective Sherlock Bonesville to solve the case

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The physical book is beautifully designed, and there isn't a moment of wasted space: it's an oversized book (yay for matching previous books!), the book case and the book jacket are different, and Abrams cleverly places the copyright information on the back endpaper so we hit the ground running when we open the book. Of course, my favorite part is the book jacket, which folds out to reveal a skeleton poster for the wall. Mine might have gone up before I even read the book...

The narrative proves a very fun way to learn about the skeletal system, highlighting the 206 bones that make up the human body. Jolivet focuses in on shades of blue and orange for his images, which make each crisp-white bone of each skeleton pop right off the page. And the blurred wisp of orange that represents the "monster" playfully draws from left to right, highlighting the speed and suddenness of its appearance--in some cases, the wisp will even start on previous page, pulling across multiple spreads as it runs throughout the village

It's a book I'm excited to add to my collection. Go get it today!

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