September 25, 2016


Picture books that break the fourth wall are common, but picture books that use the structure of the book itself to interact with the reader are definitely harder to come by. Enter This Is My Book! by Mark Pett!

This Is My Book! is a book about books. Mark Pett himself narrates the first couple of pages, introducing the basic principles of a book--what an author is, what an illustrator does--but it quickly turns into a journey of self-exploration. When Mark draws a panda that takes on a life of its own, all of Mark's rules are suddenly challenged. Books should have clean pages? We see messy ones. Books are only illustrated by authors? There's Spike the panda, drawing pictures.

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Even the very physicality of what makes a book a book is challenged. Spike adds flaps, pop-ups, pull-tabs, and more to each page, forcing Mark to break out of his comfort zone and learn that he's not the center of every book he creates. It's a super fun way to learn about picture book anatomy and self-discovery, and it's super fun to read aloud!

Best of all? It comes with a bonus mini book for you and your little reader to create a story together!

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