August 24, 2017


And So It Goes by Paloma Valdivia is an open and honest meditation on the passage of days and the cycle of life. It gives readers an opportunity to reflect on those who have passed, those who have yet to arrive, and the people around us now.

As the book progresses, the narrator ruminates on the existence of the things around her, like the fish in yesterday’s soup and the women in her life who carry babies in their bellies. And as she continues, we see that these events -- these births and deaths -- are all tied together, that they ebb and flow as the years pass and there's no rhyme or reason to any of it. It reminds readers to acknowledge the emotions we feel but also to live in the moment and enjoy ourselves while we can.

Note that the cover has a smiling cat on it. This is a hopeful book that serves to explain the passage of time in an accessible way. The illustrations are easy to read but bold in design, mirroring the relatable text, and the muted color palette helps convey the somber subject matter. Just as Valdivia breaks down the cycle of life in an accessible way, so, too, does she break down the illustrations into a series of patterns, textures, and colors to truly encourage readers to "live in the moment" by taking in every inch of her illustrations.

And So It Goes published August 1 from Groundwood Books.

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