August 17, 2017


This month's #kidlitpicks theme is Traditional Stories and Fairytales, and I'm so excited to share Thierry Robberecht and Grégoire Mabire's The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book

I think it fits the #kidlitpicks theme well because the book centers on the Wolf's search for his own traditional fairytale of "Little Red Riding Hood." The book takes place in a bedroom where the shelves are stuffed full of books, games, and dolls. It's so stuffed, in fact, that one of the books falls off of the shelves and out pops the Wolf, displaced and confused: he might be scary in his own book but outside of it, he's terrified. Where does he belong? And it doesn't help that there's a giant cat in the bedroom licking its lips.

It's so much fun as the reader to follow the Wolf as he moves from shelf to shelf. We see books we recognize and as he visits different fairytales. it's extra exciting to have prior knowledge about what story the Wolf actually belongs in. It's interesting to see a story where the tables are turned and the Wolf is the one out of his element, threatened and alone. It makes readers feel more confident when he eventually finds his story and Little Red seems to understand what kind of book she's in -- we know she'll be able to handle herself because she's familiar with the rhythm of her fairytale.

The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book publishes from Gibbs-Smith on September 5, and I'm excited to have it as a part of my fairytale collection!

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