September 17, 2017


Before I could get my hands on it, I'd heard non-stop buzz about RĂ©mi Courgeon's Feather. Not really into sports (and less into boxing), I didn't really pay the buzz any attention until the one fateful afternoon I caught sight of the cover. I was hooked after that.

Paulina "Feather" Kovak is a musically-inclined girl living with her father and three brothers. As the only girl in the family, Feather is easily picked on, goaded into doing laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping, and it's clear she has little to nothing in common with her family. But everything changes one afternoon when she gets a black eye. It's time for Feather to stand up for herself and prove once and for all that being a girl doesn't mean she's not strong.

It's hard not to immediately start drooling over the beautiful design of this book. The front cover and back cover are mirrors of each other, so there's already an overwhelming sense of symmetry, and the dust jacket unfolds into an awesome fight-style poster with all of Paulina's family on it. The screen printed illustrations stay somewhat muted throughout, focusing on the same palette of colors throughout. Many of the pages that consist only of text feature a relevant object in the shape of the first letter of the sentence, like a boxing glove in the shape of an "f," or a jump rope in the shape of an "s." These details add so much fun to the text-only pages and allow for some fun object association.

Feather published from Enchanted Lion Books September 5. Follow your dreams to your local bookstore to track it down!

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