September 10, 2017


April Pulley Sayre's latest book Full of Fall might just be the most beautiful one yet (though I could just be saying that because she explores autumn, and autumn is my favorite season — just the colors alone!)

In Full of Fall, Sayre provides readers with gorgeous photo illustrations and sparse text that explore everything autumn has to offer, from the transformation trees undergo to the behavior patterns of animals as they prepare for winter. Readers experience the cycle of the season in distinct sections: from leaves turning from green to colors like red, orange, and yellow, to the leaves falling off their trees, to even the crumbling of leaves as winter sets in. The book also has some interesting back matter that provides additional information about the science behind the changing of seasons.

This book is just so, so beautiful. Every inch of it radiates "fall" so much so that you can feel the crispness of the leaves jumping right off the page. And the design of the book is on point, too: the cover is a collage of different paper styles so that each element of the book stands out before readers even get a chance to open it. Sayre separates the colors well to meet the point of explaining the common colors we see in fall, but she also lets them blend together just like leaves actually do in fall. We get to see every iteration of each color in its most natural form, and it's just absolutely break-taking. 

Full of Fall published late August from Beach Lane Books. 

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