February 15, 2018


In his debut picture book Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover, Markus Motum takes readers on the 350,000,000 mile long trip to Mars through the eyes of NASA's beloved Curiosity.

It has been over six years since the Mars rover Curiosity touched down on the rocky surface of Mars, but do you know who Curiosity is? And do you know what she's been up to? This book serves as a diary of her experiences, from inception to her current status, and all from her point of view. Readers learn everything from how she got her name to how her very special landing was programmed to how she spends her days digging and roving.

The design of this book is out of this world (pun intended). As if it's not enough that readers are exploring a very big concept, the design of the book has a trim size larger than normal at 11" x 13". The gravity of what readers are learning in this book is very literal in this case, and it makes the spreads we see even more intense: the shot of the rocket launching where readers have to turn the book ninety degrees is made all the more impactful by the size of the book. The color palette is gentle and muted, and it makes for a warm and approachable introduction to Curiosity's curious existence.

Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover published last year from Candlewick Studio.

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