February 11, 2018


Nobody's Duck by Mary Sullivan is a laugh-out-loud tale of family, friendship, and, of course, complete and utter exasperation.

An alligator looks out the window one day to discover a duck mysteriously sitting on the lawn. No explanation, no note, and the worst part is, the duck doesn't know where it belongs (nor does it seem to care, for the record)! The two set out to solve this mystery by doing everything under the sun, like visiting the library, going skydiving, and watching movies. Someone has to recognize this duck eventually! But what if the duck belongs to someone a little closer to home than the alligator realizes?

I came super close to categorizing this book as an early reader comic on my shelves: it's a self-contained story with paneled illustrations and the only narration readers get is through speech bubbled conversations and the visuals. The visual humor is on point throughout, providing dozens upon dozens of laugh-out loud moments and opportunities to re-read and catch new details. On the same level of humor as Elephant and Piggie, I genuinely hope to see more of this duo going forward!

Nobody's Duck published last week from Houghton Mifflin!

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