March 4, 2018


Bear and Wolf is Daniel Salmieri's debut as author/illustrator, and it tells the heartwarming story of a bear and a wolf who befriend each other during an unlikely time and open up whole new worlds for each other to explore.

A young bear and a young wolf meet each other in the woods one snowy day and embark on a journey together. Innocent in their preconceived notions of how certain animals are "expected" to behave, the two form a steadfast friendship as they explore the wilderness together and introduce each other to new details. Together they smell the trees, look at owls, and play on the frozen lake. Then it's time to say goodbye and for each to return to his pack, with the promise of a reunion next year lingering in the air.

Salmieri's artistic style remains unwavering in this book, and the visuals do a lot of the work. His text is wonderful, but it's truly those silent moments between the bear and the wolf––when Bear and Wolf are staring at fish together, or when the two first meet––that carry most of the emotional weight of the story. Despite the dark skies and the dark fur coats, the colors are light and playful, wistfully carrying readers from page to page with horizontal line work and the forward motion of the animals themselves, who travel from left to right. 

Bear and Wolf published February 27 from Enchanted Lion Books.

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