April 5, 2019

First Friday 5: April 2019

I'm back after a small comics break, and I've decided to change things up with First Friday 5. Rather than picking a theme, I'm going to keep it simple and simply pick five comics I'm enjoying. They have all recently published or will publish in April.

Written and illustrated by Cathy G Johnson

Faith starts middle school unsure of where she will fit in, and when a popular girl offers to get her on the soccer team, Faith ends up on the C team (mainly because she's terrible at soccer). As it turns out, the whole team is awful at soccer, and through a large series of interwoven events, the team becomes bonded to their cores.  

Written and illustrated by Kayla Miller

In the sequel to Click Olive heads to summer camp with her friend Willow, excited to have the best summer ever. And she does, but Willow has trouble finding friends, and shies away from branching out and seeking independence. Willow only wants to hang out with Olive, and it's starting to get on Olive's nerves. When Olive finally snaps, both girls experience the feeling that they will never be friends again.

The Chancellor and the Citadel
Written and illustrated by Maria Capelle Frantz

Many years after the end of the world, all that remains is the Citadel. The Chancellor protects it from the surrounding hostiles, but things go too far one day and the Chancellor's people come to believe she was responsible for destroying the world. Another war ensues, and it's up to the Chancellor to navigate peace between herself and the only place in the world she loves.

Written and illustrated by Jorge Corona

Poe has lived his entire eleven years hidden in the shadows. He is covered in black feathers, and therefore feared by the children who live in the slums around him. At least, that's what his overprotective father leads him to believe. When a rich girl named Bianca escapes into the slums one day for fun, Poe and Bianca become friends just in time to fight the mysterious man who has been kidnapping orphans and committing horrible deeds.

Pilu of the Woods
Written and illustrated by Mai K Nguyen

Willow is having a particularly bad day when she runs into the woods near her home and stumbles upon Pilu, a lost tree spirit who can’t find her way back home. Pilu and Willow become friends, with Willow guiding Pilu home and Pilu helping Willow confront her inner feelings once and for all..

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