April 7, 2019


We've all heard about how a baby's growing size can be compared to fruit, but The Fruits of Your Labor: A Baby-Sized Guide to Your Baby's Size by Andrew Tobin might be the cutest representation of the concept ever.

From the size of a sweet pea to the size of a watermelon, a baby will grow a lot in nine months. This board book becomes a handy-dandy guide for measuring the size of a baby in the womb by comparing its size to a piece of fruit. At six weeks pregnant, your baby is roughly the size of a sweet pea. At ten weeks, it's the size of a prune. And each piece of fruit comes with funny commentary and facts about fruit, like a joke about how no one knows what spaghetti squash is or how every grandmother has prunes in her house somewhere. 

Paired with a handwritten font, everything about the watercolor illustrations in this book feels gentle and humorous. With plenty of white space for the fruits (and sometimes veggies!) to grow and a face on each colorful piece of fruit that is nothing short of adorable, the book is a sweet and playful way to for new parents and first-time siblings to chart the progression of an incoming family member.

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