July 25, 2019


While Grandpa Naps by Naomi Danis and Junghwa Park is a sweet meditation on family and patience.

When Gilbert's grandpa asks him to keep watch and make sure no flies bother him while he sleeps in the backyard hammock Gilbert devotedly agrees to help. As he swats at flies and snaps at mosquitoes he passes up several temptations to leave his post and abandon his promise, especially when his mom calls out to ask him if he wants watermelon. But Gilbert stays loyal to his Grandpa, finding a sweet reward at the end of his mission.

It's evident from the cover just how devoted Gilbert is to his task. Readers are carried right into the story with him sitting and staring at his grandpa. Gilbert isn't smiling, and he's sitting very straight in his chair, attentive to his job. There's no question that there is a strong bond between the two family members, and many of the spreads are framed around just the two of them. The illustrations are colorful and sweet, featuring interesting angles and emotive characters.

While Grandpa Naps published earlier this year from POW!.

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