February 4, 2020


Dandelion's Dream by Yoko Tanaka wordlessly tells the story of one little dandelion-turned-lion's journey to self-actualization.

A fluffy dandelion blossoms into a little lion. Suddenly no longer rooted to the spot, the little lion runs through the field and hops a train. He sees everything from the oceans to the cities, and he even gets a chance to pilot a small airplane. But when he goes to see a movie he realizes just how much he misses home. When he eventually ends up back in his field, he turns back into a dandelion and the flower's seeds float away into the night.

Tanaka's illustrations were created in charcoal, but the yellow color was added digitally. Therefore, Tanaka has the chance to truly make the yellow illuminate every scene, honing in on Dandelion's warmth and light spirit. Alternating between paneled illustrations and spreads that extend to the edges of the page, it's clear that though the little lion's dreamlike journey is full of boundless possibilities, he's always safe as he explores the world. 

Dandelion's Dream publishes from Candlewick Press one week from today, February 11, 2020! 

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