February 6, 2020


Our Rainbow is a board book celebration of pride.

In this beautiful board book, children will learn about the colors of the pride flag! Black is for diversity, brown is for inclusivity, red is for life, and so on. Each page features a color and suggestions of how children and adults can take advantage of this piece of themselves. Yellow is for sunlight, and the book dissuades readers from ever hiding in the shadows. Be who you are!

An anthology of love letters to LGBTQ pride, the book features diverse characters across all its spreads. One of the many things that makes the book unique is that each spread was created by a different queer illustrator: every page stands alone as a work of art and together as a collective at the same time. The shape of the book is also interesting: it's cut into the shape of a flag, which evokes the image of a pride flag waving in the wind during a parade. Every part of this book feels inclusive and accessible to all.

Our Rainbow published from Little Bee Books last year.

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