November 12, 2020


Star Crossed by Julia Denos addresses the difficulties involved in maintaining a long distance relationship and the things people do to stay connected to the ones they love.

A long time ago there were two friends, Acamar and Eridani. Eridani was a budding astrologist while Acamar was made from the stars themselves. They spend every night talking, sometimes about the stars and space, and sometimes about sunsets and what the ground feels like on human feet. Longing to spend a moment together, they individually wish on a star to go to where the other is, essentially switching places and giving each other a chance to experience a completely new world.

Star Crossed is a longer picture book at 64 pages, but every spread features full-bleed magnificence. Denos used watercolors, India ink, salt, pencils, pastels, and digital paint to make the illustrations, and it's impossible not to notice every one of those details in every spread. Denos also uses speech bubbles for her characters, complete with handwritten fonts that call out the gravity of certain questions or moments within the story.

Star Crossed published from Houghton Mifflin last month!

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