November 19, 2020


The Bear and the Duck by May Angeli is a loving story about the lasting bonds of friendship and the continuity of change.

Bear wakes up from a deep slumber after hearing strange noises, grumpily leaving his den to search for the source. It turns out to be Duck, who is trapped in a thicket, and after lots of back and forth Bear helps Duck free himself. As Bear nurses Duck back to health the two become fast friends, developing a mutual sense of respect and trust for each other. And all is well until Bear finds himself dreading the moment Duck is healed and ready to leave--will his new friend forget about him?

French illustrator Angeli created the images in the book with wood engravings, all of which are layered on top of each other to create texture and depth. In addition to large swathes of white space on most spreads, Angeli also sticks with natural colors--greens, yellows, and browns--that delightfully mirror the quiet tone of the story. There is never a sense of danger or immediacy in this story, only moments that provoke thought and reflection, and the illustrations bring out the larger sense of wonder at the friendship that blooms in the natural landscapes readers experience.

The Bear and the Duck published earlier this fall from Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.

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