September 24, 2022

Crushes of the Week: September 18-24, 2022

This week's crushes:
  1. Patti at the Music Shop by Vítězslav Mecner (Albatros Media, September 2022)
  2. Get Together by Miguel Ordoñez (Rise X Penguin Workshop, December 2021)
  3. The Forgettery by Rachel Ip and Laura Hughes (Dean Publications, September 2022)
  4. Finding Fire by Logan S. Kline (Candlewick Press, September 2022)
  5. Three Little Vikings by Bethan Woollvin (Peachtree Publishers, August 2022
  6. So Many Kisses! by Alexandra Garibal (Twirl, September 2022)
  7. Dressing Up the Stars: The Story of Movie Costume Designer Edith Head by Jeanne Walker Harvey and Diana Toledano (Beach Lane Books, September 2022)
  8. Where in the World Are You? Marie G. Rohde (What on Earth Books, September 2022)
  9. Come on in: There's a Party in This Book! by Jamie Michalak and Sabine Timm (Hippo Park, September 2022)

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