February 25, 2023

Crushes of the Week: February 19-25, 2023

This week's crushes:
  1. Around Antartica: Exploring the Frozen South by Tania Medvedeva and Maria Vyshinskaya (Thames & Hudson, February 2023)
  2. Symphony for a Broken Orchestra: How Philadelphia Collected Sounds to Save Music by Amy Ignatow and Gwen Millward (Walker Books Us, October 2022)
  3. The Bright Side by Chad Otis (Rocky Pond Books, February 2023)
  4. A Walk though the Rainforest by Martin Jenkins and Vicky White (Candlewick Press, October 2022)
  5. Ducks! by Deborah Underwood and T. L. McBeth (Godwin Books, January 2023)
  6. Giant Island by Jane Yolen and Doug Keith (Flashlight Press, August 2022)
  7. Rabbit, Duck, and Big Bear by Nadine Brun-Cosme and Olivier Tallec (Random House Studio, February 2023)
  8. The Gentle Genius of Trees by Philip Bunting (Crown Books for Young Readers, January 2023)
  9. Linus by Stuart Hausmann (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, February 2023)

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