July 16, 2017



The case cover, book jacket flaps, and title page of Frank W. Dormer's picture book Firefighter Duckies! is covered with this onomatopoeia for a firetruck racing to adventure, so it's clear from the start of this book that this is going to be a loud, fun story. Three firefighter duckies dart about town saving locals like gorillas in chef hats, whales in trees, and rampaging centipedes from everything imaginable, but as the town folk continue to get more and more out of control, it's clear the duckies are starting to lose steam. 

This book is suuuuch a good read aloud for so many reasons. The page-turns are paced so well that even person reading the book aloud is guessing about the plot as much as the people she's reading to. The fonts themselves lend to a fun read aloud because Dormer distinguishes between the narrator's voice, the duckies' voices, and the voices of those that the duckies save with different styles of font. Each character that brings the story to life has a unique voice, and creating these voices for the characters is half the fun! And, of course, the repetition combined with the escalating disasters, makes everything even more humorous.

Firefighter Duckies! published earlier this year from Atheneum Books!

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