July 23, 2017


As far as impeccably designed and beautifully illustrated board books for babies go, Tupera Tupera's What Does Baby Want? pretty much takes the cake.

This book is a sparsely worded, clever introduction to breastfeeding. Readers flip the pages to find that nothing will soothe baby: not a teddy bear, not a ball, and not even his shiny tambourine. In fact, Baby seems to grow more and more agitated as he tries to express what he wants, and it doesn't take too long for Mom to understand: Baby is hungry, of course! 

This book is brilliantly crafted, from the shape to the way the way the text is composed. The shape is easily the best part of the book, and it's obvious from the moment readers open the book what they'll be seeing later on down the road. But it's that knowledge that makes the book so fun: just as readers get closer to seeing a set of breasts on the page (ie, what Baby wants), the text speaks directly to readers asking what they want. In fact, the book talks specifically to babies as the main reader, the story narrated by a mother . It's no doubt a super fun read aloud that allows for a conversation around something often unacknowledged between mother and child, the physical act of breastfeeding.  

What Does Baby Want? published from Phaidon Press last month!

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