July 30, 2017


Marigold Bakes a Cake by Mike Malbrough is yet another smart, hilarious, and wonderfully illustrated picture book for cat lovers to add to their shelves. 

Marigold loves Mondays because that's when he bakes his cakes! So when Monday rolls around Marigold excitedly sets out his favorite recipe and sets out to bake his weekly cake. Everything starts out easily enough, but when he begins to add more and more ingredients, things start to get really strange. He goes to add a pinch of...finch! And a spoonful of...loons! None of that is right, and it leads to a spectacularly messy kitchen. And, worst of all, no cake.

The illustrations are comical and build on each other well. We can see the kitchen getting messier and messier as Marigold slowly loses his mind over the insanity happening around him. And, of course, as the mess grows so does the number of birds. The watercolor images are bright and full of detailing that will have readers laughing out loud. Poor Marigold, beside himself with frustration, ends up chasing the birds throughout the spreads, and Malbrough proves himself to be a master of movement in his illustrations, striking the right tone between animation and softness that makes Marigold a cat readers will want to revist over and over again.

Marigold Bakes a Cake published last month from Philomel!

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