October 19, 2017


Everyone stop what you're doing. I found a book that is basically my life, and I must share it with you. I've actually been called crazy about cats more times than I can count, so Owen Davey's Crazy About Cats is basically halfway to a memoir for me.

Believe it or not (and I'd say it's hardly a stretch), there was a time when I tried to catalog every fact about every cat I could find. If you're as "crazy" as I am, or even if you're into cats just a regular amount, this book is absolutely purr-fect. From the presentation to the texture of the pages to the images we see, this book serves as an insightful encyclopedia on our furry feline friends. A table of contents at the beginning alerts readers to the fact that much information is held in this book for exploring, and an index in the back allows readers to skip to their favorite felines (cheetahs all the way!). It's a well-rounded resource for all.

Though the illustrations are mainly digital, Davey makes a point of ending his process with hand-drawn textures to enhance the little imperfections that make his illustrations unique. Though it seems like every illustration is clean cut — almost like paper cut-outs placed on top of each other — there are small details along the way that make everything feel dynamic and approachable. Despite the fact that the medium might make things feel stagnate and solid, Davey incorporates motion and shadowing so readers can get a sense for the movement of each cat. We see a blending of colors on the cats and intricate details in the surroundings that draw readers right into this fascinating feline world and make them want to stare at every page for hours.

Crazy About Cats published from Flying Eye Books earlier this year and you'd have to be crazy not to seek it out!

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