October 29, 2017


While there are many, many books in this world about what lies in the depths of the ocean, Kate Baker and Eleanor Taylor's Secrets of the Sea might take the cake in terms of beauty.

Secrets of the Sea touches on all parts of the sea, from the plant life to the animal life to even the shiny single-celled organisms that occasionally make the sea look like it's glowing (they're called Sea Sparkle!). An encyclopedia of underwater life, the book is broken down into different sections that slowly pull readers underwater and closer to the depths (which incidentally is the last chapter!). Complete with Latin pronunciations and a bibliography in the back, each spread provides a visual and textual representation of the object of discussion, as well as key facts and brief definitions.

Of course, I wouldn't be talking about this book if the images weren't breath-taking (which they are). The mixed media illustrations are heavily detailed, and it's clear just how much research went into ensuring the accuracy of the objects/animals depicted. While some illustrations zoom in to give readers a sense of texture and color — we see zoomed in visuals of the Queen Parrotfish's scales rather than the entirety of its body — others appear in black-and-white to focus readers' concentration on life cycles or variations in look, as is the case with Foraminifera. 

Secrets of the Sea published in October from Big Picture Press. I vote you dive in and find it!

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