October 18, 2018


Who says books can come in all shapes and sizes? Elsa Mroziewicz, creator of Peek-a-Who?, that's who!

To say this book is fun is perhaps the understatement of the year. Each spread in this creative board book ask the question, "Who says," and readers can peel away the page flaps to find out. Who says woof woof? Find out by flipping the flaps downward, and you'll see it's a dog! The flaps move in different directions depending on the animal, so Mroziewicz has the freedom to design the animals around the flaps: the cat page has flaps that move up and become the cat's ears, the turkey's flap down to reveal legs, and so on. The illustrations are textured and colorful, and the make-up of each animal relies heavily on geometric shapes that pair well with the triangle trim size. And best of all? The book stands up on its own! So there's no need to keep it off the shelf in a different section.

Peek-a-Who? published from minedition in September.

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