June 13, 2019


I was smitten with Marthe Jocelyn's wordless board book One Yellow Ribbon from the moment I saw it.

The book opens with a yellow ribbon loosening itself from a child's hair and blowing away,  into the book. Subsequent spreads show the ribbon transforming into things like a lion's mane, mustard on a hot dog, a jellyfish tentacle, a cane, a pencil, and so much more. The final spread features a moon, essentially bringing the experience full circle and back to bedtime. 

The illustrations are created from a yellow ribbon (of course!), but also collaged paper, and everything exists in soothing, pastel colors. While some images take up a whole spread, most occupy their own page, providing a very fulfilling read in the number of ribbons to find in the book. 

 One Yellow Ribbon published from Orca Book Publishers earlier this year, as did its companion book One Patch of Blue

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