July 29, 2018


National Parks of the USA by Kate Siber and Chris Turnham takes readers on a tour of America's greatest (you guessed it!) national parks.

Readers get a chance to discover the beauty and diversity of nature in the United States by taking a virtual coast-to-coast journey of its national parks. Although it mentions all sixty parks, this book focuses in on twenty-one of the most popular ones, and it's jam-packed with information and chock-full of vibrant illustrations. Alternating spreads take us to new places, while the follow-ups to those spreads provide readers with maps and facts about the flora and fauna unique to each of the featured parks.

Everything about this book feels classy and timeless, down to the retro-style illustrations. With the debossed title on the front, a larger-than-normal trim size, and colorful silk screened illustrations, Turnham masterfully uses "natural" colors like greens, browns, and yellows to convey the wide variety of animals and plant life that are native to each area. Though the book is packed with textual information—sometimes the images and text boxes go right off the page!—there's still lots of room for readers to immerse themselves in the illustrations and feel as if they are actually standing in the parks themselves. The scrapbook-style adds to the feeling that readers are visiting these parks and taking notes, and it's all anyone can do to stay inside and read the book when they could be going outside and exploring the wildlife around them!

National Parks of the USA published July 3 from Wide Eyed Editions!

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