July 13, 2018

The Little Book Series

Kanae Soto's board book series plays with images and words that encourage babies to explore the worlds they live in. So far in the series we have Happy Grumpy Loved: A Little Book of FeelingsHide Seek Sticky Sweet: A Little Book of Opposites, and Wiggle Jump Tickle: A Little Book of Actions, all of which boast fantastic colors, graphics, and concepts.

Each book explores something different, in this case feelings, actions, and opposites. Although the "concepts" behind these concept books might not be anything new, the approach certainly feels like it is. The illustrations are playful and whimsical, and though the words and images all relate to each other (these are teaching books, after all), each spread holds a small element of surprise, whether that be the addition of an unexpected character or the very way that Soto chooses to depict a particular feeling/action/opposite. Each book is also diverse in terms of the children we see in them, with one book featuring a boy, one a girl, and one with siblings. Aside from the obvious concepts the books impart, there are also much more subversive concepts like empathy, kindness, and sharing throughout, making them an excellent choice for multiple occasions. The books are distinctly textured to feel more like paper than board, but the pages are still thick enough for small hands, and the limited color palettes in each make for lots of illustration fun!

All three books published from Compendium Publishing in June!

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