July 18, 2018


Is anyone else having as much fun as I am with graphic nonfiction?? Just take What's the Difference?: 40+ Pairs of the Seemingly Similar by Emma Strack and Guillaume Plantevin for example!

This book cleverly dives into the minutiae of what the differences are between things like mandarin oranges and clementines, bees and wasps, stalactites and stalagmites, and more. There are many things that look similar (or are even often confused with each other like crocodiles and alligators), and Strack sets the record straight by showing readers that the differences are in the details! 

Formatted to feel like an encyclopedia, the book is broken down into sections (animals, food and drink, geography, fashion, human body, and city) and boasts a table of contents, side bars, scientific names, comparison charts, an index, and more. It's easy to get swept up in the bold, digital illustrations, especially considering the care and time Plantevin gave to mirroring sizes, shapes, and textures throughout, and much of the typography is stylized to look as though it's been stamped onto the page. The illustrations are also inclusive, reflecting inherently similar threads that run between cultures and religions (ie body parts, animals, foods).  

What's the Difference? published last week from Chronicle Books!

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